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Pallet & Crate Products

New Pallets

APE manufactures new pallets in both hardwood and southern yellow pine species. Along with standard 48X40 pallets, we make many other sizes.

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Recycled Pallets

Save as much as 70% over the cost of a new pallet. Wood and plastic pallets available in many sizes.

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Custom Pallets

Our engineering and logistics team will work with you to develop a cost-effective pallet for your material handling needs.

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Combination Pallets

Combination (Combo) pallets are a hybrid between new and recycled pallets, usually containing new stringers and reclaimed deck boards. Combo pallets have the advantage of being completely rebuilt pallets, so the deck boards can have any board pattern you desire.

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Crates, Bins & Boxes

APE will work with you to design wood containers for agricultural, industrial and military applications.

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Heat Treating Services

Atlantic Pallet can heat treat pallets (new or recycled), containers, or dunnage in accordance with ISPM-15 for your export needs.

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